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At Net Impact Berkeley, we help our clients impact the communities they serve through comprehensive analysis and meticulous problem-solving. Whatever your goals for change may be, Net Impact Berkeley can give you the support and confidence to achieve it.

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How We Work

Each team works with one client over a semester, led by a project manager and a senior associate.

Executive Board


Vice President Consulting

Vice President
Finance & Operations

Vice President
External Affairs

Vice President
Associate Development

Project Teams

Project Manager

Senior Associate

3 Associates


Net Impact MBAs

UCB/Haas Faculty

NIB Alumni

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Engagement Timeline

1. Contact Potential Clients

2. Finalize Clients and Scopes

3. Staff Project Teams

5. Present Deliverables and Conclude

Project managers and senior associates reach out to potential clients and begin to develop scopes for projects based on discussions with interested organizations.

Clients are finalized for the coming semester based on feasibility of the scope, mutual interest in the engagement, and potential impact of the project.

At the start of the semester, NIB organizes a highly selective application process to recruit new members to join our experienced consultants as members of project teams.

4. Project Work

Teams meet regularly over the semester and spend approximately 20 hours total per week on project tasks. Project managers check in regularly with clients to discuss updates.

Project teams present at least two comprehensive deliverables, once halfway through and once towards the end of the semester, before concluding the project. 

What Our Clients Say:



Great working with Net Impact - very professional and at the caliber I'd expect from junior staff at Bain/BCG/Deloitte. Appreciate that the team has equal voice in the presentations and all are equally engaged and provide insight from their respective portions of research.



The team delivered a well worked through and valuable result, with high commitment and proficiency. We really appreciated the cooperation and would love to engage again in future projects. 



The team exceeded my expectations. They were professional, articulate, resourceful, and completed the goals of the project on time. The insights that stemmed from the team's surveys and research were invaluable. I was particularly impressed with the Project Manager’s management style, service orientation and drive for success.

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