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Inspired By Our Mission

Through innovative, impact-focused methods and collaborative problem-solving, we strive to bring social responsibility and environmental stewardship to business.



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About Us

Net Impact Berkeley is a student-run consulting group at the University of California, Berkeley. We provide comprehensive strategic solutions to our clients—including non-profits, social enterprises, startups and Fortune 500 corporations—to improve their performance and organizational effectiveness.

For over 15 years, we have brought together the brightest minds from various disciplines and backgrounds at UC Berkeley to solve problems and advance positive social and environmental impact.

Driven by Our Core Values

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Impact Across Many Domains

Our contributions to a more socially and environmentally sustainable world take many forms and come from diverse places. We pursue synergies and multi-disciplinary thinking to drive change for the broadest impact, from project work to our personal lives

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Tenacious Problem Solving

In order to deliver outstanding results, we embrace challenges and push through difficult problems with perseverance and ingenuity. Dedication and intelligent effort are how we make a difference in our work.

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Growth Mindset

We actively search for ways to develop and improve ourselves, our community, and society at large. Feedback and learning are critical processes that continuously shape what we can do and who we are.



Beyond consulting, we are a tight-knit social group committed to supporting our members in all endeavors. We take pride and joy in enriching each others' lives and celebrating every individual as part of the Net Impact Berkeley family.

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Global Network

We are a leading Gold Status chapter of Net Impact, a global organization consisting of 100,000+ students and business professionals united by the common mission of using business for social good. As a part of this global community, we are able to leverage the minds of industry experts and professionals in our project work, attend national events and collaborate across our 300 chapters.

Ready to Join Us?

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